What’s it all about?

About the blog.

This is a fairly disorganized ramble round many  things aviation-related as they occur to me, in the hope that they that might interest a similarly air minded reader.  It is my intention to record the things that pique my curiosity and find out a little more about them, trying to present blog posts as little self-contained snippets.

About me.

2015-06-24 15.15.18Robert Smith
Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
Originally from Rochester, Kent.  A fine old Roman city,  second oldest diocese in the Anglican Church and once home of the Short Brothers, Charles Dickens (Rochester being “Cloisterham”), Dame Sybil Thorndike and various other characters from history.   I am now a part-time lecturer in History at Pittsburg State University (and one is obliged to say Go Gorillas! here).  At different times I am a researcher, domestic supervisor and presiding Chef de Cuisine at the Maison Smith.  Over the years, professionally,  I have called myself a Librarian, Historian, and Geek. I’m an aviation enthusiast of long standing (I’d better be, if I’m doing this), going back to the time at the Schoolboys’ and Schoolgirls’ Exhibition of 1965 when my parents asked me if I’d like a model Spitfire “like the one Daddy used to fly.”  I’ve still got it, by the way.

When I’m not writing this blog I’m reading other peoples’ blogs, watching old movies, YouTube, yelling at Wikipedia, tweeting about Public Radio (shout out to KRPS 89.9FM, Pittsburg’s NPR station and a terrific bunch of people), aviation, and random topics. I play the ukulele and didgeridoo (not at the same time) and have way too much fun with Garageband.  I am very happily married to Susan and we live in a houseful of books, old musical instruments, and military models in Pittsburg, Kansas.

1 thought on “What’s it all about?

  1. If that photo does another “no page found,” email me at (redacted for security – Rob) and I’ll give you the link that way.

    I’ve been an aviation nut since I took an aeronautics course in 10th grade; essentially ground school. (I’m also an anglophile!). Since that time I got my commercial pilot license, multi-engine rating, instrument rating, and helicopter rating, and spent 30 years as an Air Traffic Controller! I found your site quite a while back (2 yrs?) and subscribed to it back then; always enjoy your posts.


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