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Sooner than I thought

So it looks as if Doc’s first flight ought to take place on Sunday July 17th 2016.  I wish them every success.


Doc’s restoration team performed engine runs and tests the week of July 4 in final preparation for first flight. (B-29 Doc Website)

“Doc” – Getting Closer

Boeing B-29-70-BW Superfortress 44-69972 "Doc"

Boeing B-29-70-BW Superfortress 44-69972 “Doc” runs its engines for the first time in many years in Wichita, Kansas in September 2015. (Screen Grab from livestream)

While I’m in the midst of describing things B-29 it would be remiss of me not to mention a B-29 that lives about 200 miles from me and which may be returning to the skies in the near future.   This is Boeing B-29-70-BW Superfortress  44-69972 “Doc” which has been under restoration to flying status for a number of years by a team of volunteers and Boeing veterans for many years.  In June 2015 when I went to visit the Kansas Aviation Museum I could see Doc’s highly polished metalwork gleaming from quite a distance away.   Back in September I witnessed (remotely) its engines running for the first time in many years.  More recently we hear that the FAA has granted a special airworthiness certificate to the venerable machine – see the story about it here.

Even better,  the Department of Defense has approved use of a “non-joint-use runway”  next door at McConnell AFB for ground testing and the first flight.  I look forward to this with some anticipation.

Read more about Doc’s story at his website.  http://www.b-29doc.com

Saving a Combat Veteran Lancaster

My wife re-tweeted an article about Lancaster KB882 finding a new home and being relocated from Edmunston, New Brunswick to Edmonton, Alberta.  I had a look at the news items the other day and I was interested to note that KB882 was in fact a combat veteran, having flown at least six bombing missions with 428 Squadron RCAF in 1945.  I’m very happy to see an aircraft with some historical significance brought indoors and I commend the various parties for coming to this decision. It must have been hard for the good people of Edmunston to part with ‘their’ bomber but I’m glad that the Alberta Aviation Museum will be able to give it the shelter it needs.

Here is a link to an article on the CBC news website Which contains the photograph below (It’s linked, I haven’t copied it).

Lancaster KB882 at Edmunston, NB, Canada - (City of Edmundston photograph via CBC) )
Lancaster KB882 at Edmunston, NB, Canada – (City of Edmundston photograph via CBC)

From the website of the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton comes the picture below of KB882 just as it completed its service in Europe. AAM have a gofundme campaign or donors are  encouraged to use the museum’s regular donation page.

KB882’s Flight Crew, June 1945

Happy News from England: G-BPIV “L6739” Flies

I read on Twitter that the Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo) had got their Bristol Blenheim Mk.1 back into the air. My congratulations, I’ve been following the whole Blenheim story since the 1980s, and it’s nice to see the work has reached a conclusion and she’s back in the air.

I can’t find a photo of the finished product that isn’t copyrighted and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so here’s a picture from 2010 that has a Creative Commons license.

Do, however visit this link and see some beautiful pictures of G-BPIV taking to the skies last week: http://www.globalaviationresource.com/v2/2014/11/20/aviation-news-she-flies-bristol-blenheim-mk-i-l6739-g-bpiv-takes-to-the-skies-at-iwm-duxford/

Blenheim Mk I reconstruction
Blenheim Mk I reconstruction by the Aircraft Restoration Co at Duxford, for the owners, Blenheim (Duxford) Ltd. The reconstruction is based upon a restored Bolingbroke airframe with restored Blenheim Mk I nose section.
by Chad Kainz (Chicago, USA)
(CC BY 2.0) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

And for the Blenheim aficionados here’s a pic of a Finnish Air Force example:

Blenheim Mk.1 Landing at Luonetjärvi Airfield, March 1944
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