Combat Veteran Lancaster not saved

Lancaster KB882

In a previous blog post I reported that combat veteran Lancaster KB882 was about to move from Edmunston, NB to Edmonton, AB for restoration.  One of my colleagues showed me a note today which reported two significant facts.  First, that the gofundme campaign had failed to meet its goal by a wide margin. As a result the move to Alberta is canceled.   Secondly, an Australian warbird enthusiast and entrepreneur is seeking to ship the Lancaster from Canada to Australia for restoration.  The theme he is adopting is that KB882 has been neglected and ignored by the Canadian government and is about to fall apart.

There is a little bit of wheeler dealing going on here since in one breath the Australian group are saying that KB882 is falling apart and in another they say it’s a viable project for return to flight status.   Whatever the reality is, it’s clear that the warbird community world-wide will be sitting up and taking notice of this.

I didn’t mention this before, but latest reports say KB882 flew 11 sorties with 428 (Ghost) Squadron RCAF from RAF Middleton St. George, County Durham.  Middleton St. George  is now Teeside International Airport.